This event is part of the Laser-Plasma Accelerator Seminars. Click here for more information, including data protection.

[ELI User Conference] Panel 6: LWFA and Secondary Photon Sources

ELI Beamlines, CZ

ELI Beamlines, CZ

Uddhab Chaulagain (ELI Beamlines)

ELI Beamlines is hosting 2nd User Conference on 20-21st of October 2021.
Attendees will gain practical information concerning the center operation itself together with provided and planned services. The conference has nine parallel sessions, four of which are focused on LPA.

In Panel 6, there will be eight talks highlighting LPA electron acceleration and secondary X-ray sources. Click here for more detailed information.

To attend the other panels of the workshop, please register here.

The conference will run on WEBEX Event platform, please kindly install the Webex.  You can find each panel's webex link here

Panel 1 Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Applications 

Panel 2 Laser-Plasma Interaction in the P3 Infrastructure 

Panel 3 Experiments at ELBA: GeV Electrons - PW Laser Collider

Panel 4 Science with Coherent XUV Sources

Panel 5 Multidisciplinary Applications of Laser-driven Ions 

Panel 6 Gammatron and LUIS beamlines: LWFA and secondary photon Sources [link]

Panel 7 Laser Driven X-ray Sources and Applications 

Panel 8 Laser-Plasma Ion Sources at the ELIMAIA Beamline

Panel 9 High-repetition Rate Acceleration and Applications at ALFA Beamline