Oct 12 – 14, 2022
Garching (Munich, DE)
Europe/Berlin timezone

5th workshop on Beam-Line optics and INstrumentation (BLIN)

Prospects for integrated laser-driven particle accelerator and associated photon systems as ‘machine’ resources for a wide range of experimental scientific research and development is viewed in terms of basic system components. Downstream of the source component (where the intensely focused laser pulse energy is converted at the target site to energetic particle and photon yields), we confront challenges in developing serviceable beam lines and compatible instrumentation for particle bunches, photon pulses and source-related diagnostics. With controlled performance in mind, we also aim to establish levels of correlation between source (eg. plasma) and beam line diagnostics. BLIN focuses on novel beam line components and instrumentation that directly address the distinctive features of the laser-driven accelerator (and associated energetic photon) system that can be essential for controlled delivery to applications. Highlighting this critical system component in this way fosters guided growth of the laser-driven particle accelerator community and it can ultimately establish the character, form and functionality of laser-driven particle accelerator systems as they evolve to become increasingly useful experimental resources to drive new scientific inquiry.

Garching (Munich, DE)
Lecture hall
Am Coulombwall 1, 85748 Garching
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