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[GSI PP] The Proton Fast Ignition Approach to Inertial Fusion and a Proposed Facility to Work Toward its Success

by Prof. Todd Ditmire (Focused Energy Inc./University of Texas)

via Zoom

via Zoom


Recent successes in inertial confinement fusion (ICF), including the demonstration of near ignition and close to unity gain at the National Ignition Facility last year in Livermore, have made the prospect of commercial development of inertial fusion energy (IFE) now timely.  One very promising approach to high gain IFE, which will be required for energy production, is the proton fast ignition approach (PFI).  In this approach, an ICF pellet is compressed with multiple beam laser drivers and then a second set of picosecond, high intensity lasers, illuminates a foil closely coupled to the compressed fuel accelerating protons by well known mechanisms.  These protons can deposit energy and, if high enough energy density is deposited, trigger ignition and a propagating burn wave in the compressed fuel.  Simple estimates indicate that gains of over 100 would be possible.  In my talk I will describe a plan that the new start up company, Focused Energy, has to work toward demonstrating ignition with PFI.  I will discuss some of the main physics and technology challenges to commercializing IFE.  I will also discuss a new facility which we are proposing to build at the University of Texas to study key aspects of the physics relevant to PFI.


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