Jul 8 – 10, 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone



Wednesday, July 8th

Thursday, July 9th

Friday, July 10th


Welcome & Info Session by Dieter Braun

Info Session by Dieter Braun

Info Session by Dieter Braun


Session I

Chair: Petra Schwille?

Session V

Chair: Job Boekhoven

Session IX

Chair: Don Dingwell


Tetsuya Yomo East China Normal Uni.

Construction and Evolution of a Synthetic Cell

Jan van Esch  TU Delft

Approaching Biological Complexity: Beyond Self-Assembly

Allen Nutman  University of Wollongong

How Long Ago was the Beginning? Looking for Life Signatures in ≥3.7 Billions-of-years-old Greenland Rocks


Marileen Dogterom TU Delft

A Self-Assembly Approach to Uncovering Possible Ancestors of RNA

Stephen Mann  University of Bristol

Coacervate Dynamics and the Origin of Life

William Orsi   LMU Munich

Quantifying the Effects of Abiotic H2 Production on Carbon Metabolism in Serpentinization Systems


Session I Panel Discussion

Session V Panel Discussion

Session IX Panel Discussion


Session II

Chair: William Orsi

Session VI

Chair: Andres Jäschke

Session X

Chair: Fritz Simmel


Uwe Meierhenrich Université Côte d'Azur

3D Presentation Rosetta-Philae – The Detection of Organic Molecules on the Surface of a Cometary Nucleus

Longfei Wu  MRC LMB

Harnessing Chemical Energy for Activation and Joining of Prebiotic Building Blocks

Sudha Rajamani  Indian Ins. of Sci. Edu. Res.

Prebiotic selection pressures shape the evolution of protocells


Joachim Reitner Georg-August-Uni. of Göttingen

Traces of Life in Very Old Rocks – What is Convincing and What Not?

Rafal Szabla  University of Edinburgh

Shedding UV Light on the Common Origins of RNA and DNA

Christophe Danelon  TU Delft

Roadmap to Building a Cell


Session II Panel Discussion

Session VI Panel Discussion

Session X Panel Discussion


Meet the Speakers2 of Session I & II

Meet the Speakers2 of Session V & VI

Meet the Speakers2 of Session IX & X


Lunch Break


Info Session by Dieter Braun

Info Session by Dieter Braun

Info Session by Dieter Braun


Session III

Chair: Paola Caselli

Session VII

Chair: Clemens Richert

Session XI

Chair: Hannes Mutschler


Thomas Henning MPI for Astronomy

Chemistry in Protoplanetary Disks

Daniel Duzdevich  HHMI

The Sequence Space of Non-enzymatic RNA Copying

Klara Hlouchova  Charles University in Prague

Searching for Early Proteins in Randomness


Ralph Pudritz McMaster University

RNA Polymerization in Pre-biotic Environments: Experiments with the Planet Simulator McMaster's Origins of Life Laboratory

Nick Hud  Georgia Institute of Technology

A Self-Assembly Approach to Uncovering Possible Ancestors of RNA

Roy Black  University of Washington

Prebiotic Membranes Bind Protocell Building Blocks and Catalyze Formation of Biopolymers


Session III Panel Discussion

Session VII Panel Discussion

Session XI Panel Discussion


Session IV

Chair: Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin

Session VIII

Chair: Oliver Trapp

Session XII

Chair: Erwin Frey


John Eiler California Institute of Technology

Reconstructing Prebiotic and Biotic Chemistry Using Molecular Isotopic Structures

Lijun Zhou  HHMI

Assembly of a Functional Ribozyme from Short Oligomers by Enhanced Non-enzymatic Ligation

Christoph Weber  MPI PKS

Selection via Phase Separation


Elizabeth Bell UC Los Angeles

The Role of Zircon in the Search for Earth’s Earliest Biosphere

Donna Blackmond   Scripps Research

Asymmetric Amplification in Peptide-Catalyzed Formation of C4 Sugars from Nearly Racemic Amino Acids

Sergei Maslov  Uni. Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Onset of Natural Selection in Populations of Autocatalytic Heteropolymers


Session IV Panel Discussion

Session VIII Panel Discussion

Session XII Panel Discussion


Meet the Speakers2 of Session III & IV

Meet the Speakers2 of Session VII & VIII

Meet the Speakers2 of Session XI & XII


Puzzle & Beer of the Day3 + Poster Session4

Puzzle & Beer of the Day3 + Poster Session4

Puzzle & Beer of the Day3 + Poster Session4



2 Each Speaker will be hosted in a separate chat room that is moderated!

3 Each speaker will have a puzzle and a beer for each day to start the informal evening session in parallel to Poster Session!

4 Posters can be visited at any time, please contact the presenter!