Aug 25 – 27, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

! The conference  details are emailed on August 23rd if you have not received the details please contact us (please make sure you checked spam/junk folders)!

Note: The recording of the talks (if the speaker allowed us) will be shared with the registered attendees after the conference.

The Molecular Origins of Life, Munich conference addresses one of the most fundamental questions of science: How could life originate? With 24 talks by renown scientists accompanied by Q&A, meet the speaker and poster sessions, this international conference brings together scientists from a wide range of disciplines, namely: astrophysics, biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, geosciences and theoretical physics. Only the combined effort from various disciplines can be successful in retracing the origins of life under experimental conditions and pave the way towards answering some of the most pertinent questions: What were the conditions on early Earth? Which chemicals could serve as precursors for the synthesis of living systems on Earth and/or on other planets? How did the very first genetic material in life forms develop? How could Darwinian evolution emerge? What were the first metabolic pathways? The conference's aim is to represent and to discuss the state of the art in the Origin of Life field. 

The Molecular Origins of Life, Munich 2021 is sponsored by DFG funded Collaborative Research Center 235 Emergence of Life and the attendance to the event is free of charge.

Due to unstable situation with Covid-19 the event will be held online!

Important dates (2021)


July 25th, Sun ..............

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Aug 18th, Wed ..............

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Aug 22nd, Sun.................

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Aug 25th, Wed.................

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Announcement: MOM 2021 precedes a three weeks long MIAPP program: The Physics of the Emergence of Life which will provide an environment for further scientific exchange in the origins community. The attendees can meet each other for more detailed discussions in addition to connecting with the labs of the Emergence of Life network in Munich. For more information and registration please visit the program webpage.

Poster Prize: Due to low number of votes the poster prize is unfortunately cancelled!