Aug 25 – 27, 2021
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Wednesday, August 25th

Thursday, August 26th

Friday, August 27th


Welcome & Info Session

Info Session

Info Session


Session I

Chair: Job Boekhoven

Session V

Chair: Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin

Session IX

Chair: Christof Mast


Wilhelm Huck Radboud Uni.

On the origins of chemical evolution

Ramon Brasser Origins Res Ins, Res Cent Ast Earth Sci

Colossal events in late accretion: A kick-start to the origins of life on Earth?

Tobias Erb MPI Marburg

Beating the serendipity of evolution: Building alternative pathways to generate life’s building blocks from inorganic carbon


Sijbren Otto University of Groningen

Synthetic Molecular Networks that Integrate Key Features of Life

Cornelia Meinert  University of Cote d'Azur

Astrophysical origins of biomolecular homochirality

Hannes Mutschler TU Dortmund

Coupling ribozyme catalyzed ligation and recombination with heterogeneous reaction environments


Session I Q&A

Session V Q&A

Session IX Q&A


Session II

Chair: Oliver Trapp

Session VI

Chair: Clemens Richert

Session X

Chair: Daniel Weidendorfer


Dora Tang MPI of Mol. Cell. Bio. Gene.

Coacervate droplets as viable protocell models

Ziwei Liu  MRC LMB

Harnessing energy for the formation, activation and joining of prebiotic building blocks

Judit Sponer  Masaryk University

New developments in the abiotic generation of oligonucleotide sequences from 3’,5’ cyclic guanosine monophosphate


Matthew Powner UCL

On the prebiotic synthesis of non-canonical nucleosides

Philipp Holliger MRC LMB

RNA replication: approaches to the strand separation problem

Paul B. Rimmer  University of Cambridge

The effect of broadband ultraviolet light on prebiotic and abiotic chemistry


Session II Q&A

Session VI Q&A

Session X Q&A


Meet the Speakers2 of Session I & II

Meet the Speakers2 of Session V & VI

Meet the Speakers2 of Session IX & X


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Info Session

Info Session

Info Session


Session III

Chair: Cathleen Zeymer

Session VII

Chair: Bettina Scheu

Session XI

Chair: Clemens Richert


Joseph Moran University of Strasbourg

Mechanistic Insight into Metal Ion-Catalyzed Transamination Under Biological Conditions and its Evolutionary Implications

Stephen Mojzsis University of Colorado Boulder

Availability and transformation of bio-essential elements on rocky differentiated planets

Irene Chen  UCLA

Emergent by-products of evolution


Dimitar Sasselov Harvard University

Photons, electrons, and chemistry in muddy lakes

Corinna Kufner  Harvard University

UV-induced photochemistry of short DNA oligonucleotides: Ultrafast dynamics and prebiotic self-repair

Oliver Steinbock Florida State University

Chemistry mimicking life: From hydrothermal vent precipitates to self-propulsion


Session III Q&A

Session VII Q&A

Session XI Q&A


Session IV

Chair: Job Boekhoven

Session VIII

Chair: Erwin Frey

Session XII

Chair: William Orsi


Vincent Noireaux University of Minnesota

Bottom-up synthetic cells using cell-free gene expression

Victor Sojo  New York Natural History Museum

Using a pH gradient to drive CO2 reduction

Sheref Mansy  University of Alberta

Towards fuel-driven protocells


Irep Gözen  University of Oslo

Did surfaces enable the origin of life?

Ram Krishnamurthy The Scripps

Rethinking the “reverse-TCA world” approach to understanding the origins of protometabolism

Laurie Barge NASA JPL

Geochemical conditions determine organic product distributions in proto-metabolic reaction networks


Session IV Q&A

Session VIII Q&A

Session XII Q&A


Meet the Speakers2 of Session III & IV

Meet the Speakers2 of Session VII & VIII

Meet the Speakers2 of Session XI & XII


Poster Session II

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