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LPA Online Workshop on Control Systems and Machine Learning


Andreas Döpp (LMU Munich), Charlotte Palmer (Queen's University Belfast), Matthew Streeter (Imperial College London), Scott Feister

We are proud to announce the 1st LPA Online Workshop with its focus on "Control Systems and Machine Learning".

Big data and machine learning techniques have the potential to revolutionize research on intense laser-matter interaction and laser-plasma acceleration. With many groups adopting these technologies, we propose to survey and potentially consolidate on-going development efforts. The LPA online workshop will feature plenary talks, invited contributions and discussion sessions regarding specific implementations of control systems, data acquisition and machine learning in laser accelerator laboratories. Furthermore, we invite submissions for a limited virtual poster presentations and a limited number of contributed talks. Also, as a unique feature of the online format, the workshop will be preceded by a number of seminar talks and lectures as part of the LPA Online Seminars.

Among the questions which the workshop shall address are:

  • To which extend is data acquisition and processing automized within the community?
  • What are the limitations of current implementations regarding amount of data handled (with specific emphasis on increasing the number of diagnostics and repetition rate), as well as flexibility and ease of use?
  • What further developments are needed? What are the particular challenges (e.g. vintage or proprietary systems)?
  • Is there potential for community-wide standardization and inter-laboratory compatibility of systems?
  • What are the most promising trends in machine learning in the context of LPA?
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