May 5 – 10, 2019
Europe/Berlin timezone

Modeling the Temporal Evolution of a Laser-Ionized Plasma Source

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Meštrovićevo šetalište 45 HR – 21000 Split Republic of Croatia
Poster Contribution Theory and computation


Michael Gerard (University of Colorado)


Characterizing the plasma density profile in a plasma accelerator is important for predicting the beam dynamics and the electric field gradients produced in the plasma wake structure. In this poster, we present a two fluid model for the time evolution of the plasma and neutral gas density profiles for a laser ionized plasma filament. Our model includes the effects of hydrodynamic expansion and recombination. We compare our model with experimental measurements of a laser ionized Ar and He plasma that is $\sim .5 \, mm$ wide and $\sim 100 \, cm$ long with densities $10^{15−17} cm^{-3}$.

Working group Theory and computation

Primary authors

Michael Gerard (University of Colorado) Mr Robert Ariniello (University of Colorado) Christopher Doss (University of Colorado Boulder) Mr Keenan Hunt-Stone (University of Colorado) Dr John Cary (University of Colorado) Dr Michael Litos (University of Colorado)

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