May 5 – 10, 2019
Europe/Berlin timezone

Laser-driven Ion Acceleration and Applications at the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI)

May 9, 2019, 1:15 PM
Meeting Room (MedILS)

Meeting Room


Oral Contribution Laser-driven ion acceleration


Dr Daniele Margarone (ELI-Beamlines, Institute of Physics of CAS)


Recently the ELIMAIA (ELI Multidisciplinary Applications of laser-Ion Acceleration) beamline has been installed at ELI-Beamlines in the Czech Republic. The main goal of ELIMAIA is to offer short ion bunches accelerated by lasers with high repetition rate to users from different fields (physics, biology, material science, medicine, chemistry, archaeology) and, at the same time, to demonstrate that this source can be delivered through innovative and compact approaches. In fact, ELIMAIA will provide stable, fully characterized and tunable particle beams accelerated by PW-class lasers and will offer them to a broad community of users for multidisciplinary applied research, as well as fundamental science investigations.
An international scientific network, called ELIMED (ELI MEDical applications), particularly interested in future applications of laser-driven ions for hadrontherapy, has already been established. In such a perspective ELIMAIA will enable to use laser-driven proton/ion beams for medical research thanks to the reliability and accuracy of its particle beam transport and dose monitoring devices.
The current status of commissioning of the ELIMAIA beamline, along with experimental results on innovative targetry and diagnostics for laser-driven particle acceleration will be presented and discussed, including preliminary tests carried out during the ramp up phase of the HAPLS (L3), PW-class, 10 Hz laser system at ELI-beamlines.

Working group Theory and computation

Primary author

Dr Daniele Margarone (ELI-Beamlines, Institute of Physics of CAS)

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