May 5 – 10, 2019
Europe/Berlin timezone

Measurements of fast electrons and protons in TNSA experiments

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Meštrovićevo šetalište 45 HR – 21000 Split Republic of Croatia
Poster Contribution Laser-driven ion acceleration


Fabrizio Bisesto (INFN-LNF)


Thin aluminium foils irradiated by ultraintense femtosecond-long laser pulses have been extensively used in the last two decades for MeV-range proton beam generation. In the early stage of the interaction, a dense cloud of electrons is directly accelerated by the laser, pass through the target and ionize its rear surface. Here, an extremely high quasi-static electric field (of the order of TV/m) is established and it is responsible for ion and proton acceleration.
At SPARC_LAB, the high power ultrashort laser FLAME is currently employed in this research field. In this work, we report about measurements made on fast electrons and accelerated protons by means of two on-line tools, an Electro Optic Sampling diagnostic and a diamond-based Time-Of-Flight detector, respectively. In such a way, we could study the correlations existing between the two beams.

Working group Laser-driven ion acceleration

Primary author


Dr Maria Pia Anania (INFN-LNF) Dr Massimo Ferrario (INFN-LNF) Mr Mario Galletti (RAL-CLF, GOLP) Dr Riccardo Pompili (INFN-LNF) Prof. Arie Zigler (INFN-LNF, Hebrew University) Dr Mattia Cipriani (ENEA) Dr Fabrizio Consoli (ENEA) Ms Martina Salvadori (ENEA) Dr Claudio Verona (University of Rome "Tor Vergata")

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