Laser-Plasma Accelerator Workshop 2019



Meštrovićevo šetalište 45 HR – 21000 Split Republic of Croatia
Stefan Karsch, Ulrich Schramm

The 2019 edition of the Laser-Plasma Accelerator Workshop (LPAW2019) is set to take place at the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences (MedILS) in Split, Croatia in May 2019.

In this conference participants from the field of laser plasma accelerators will present results on the topics of laser-wakefield acceleration, laser-driven ion acceleration and secondary sources from an experimental and theoretical/computational point of view. For the 2019 edition we furthermore encourage discussions of the emerging links between our community and other fields, e.g. plasma wakefield acceleration or ultrafast probing with laser-plasma sources.

Specialized sessions on the following work packages will be held:

  • Laser-driven electron acceleration (Hyung Taek Kim & Olle Lundh)

  • Laser-driven ion acceleration (Mamiko Nishiuchi & Jörg Schreiber)

  • Secondary radiation generation & applications (Kim Ta Phuoc & Stuart Mangles)

  • Theory and computation (Jean-Luc Vay & Marija Vranic)

  • Diagnostics (Alexander Sävert & Rafal Zgadzaj)

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